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Top 10 Stories Behind The Most Famous Logos Subscribe to Top 10s ► Description: Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 Stories Of The Most Famous Logos! We see famous company logos everyday. They’re everywhere and as a result, we tend not to think about them too much. However, many of these companies have some amazing, weird and sometimes creepy stories behind them! For issues or inquires please email or message via YouTube. Social media: Subscribe ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Snapchat ► Facebook ► Google+ ► Featuring: Apple Amazon Virgin Ferrari Gillette Coca-Cola BMW IKEA MGM Mercedes-Benz Top 10s is the best YouTube channel for top 10 style list-based videos of facts, amazing photos, people you won’t believe actually exist, the most amazing things , funny videos and more. Intro music: MRVLZ - Never

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