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Open the Uber app and call an Uber Driver! It's time for some creepy uber stories! These are some creepy real rides with strangers! Subscribe now for nonstop nightmare fuel! Check out my website! Uber, the uber app, it's a way for people to offer their services by using their own car as an uber taxi or uber cab while saving money for those people that need a quick ride. But when you bring the strangers together, some very horror filled things can happen. So, step out the way Craigslist - there's a new creepy platform in town where serial killers, psychos, and stalkers will have you saying lets not meet! If you can survive that is. Enoy these creepy uber rides from hell! Background Footage courtesy of! Production music courtesy of Epidemic Sound at and Kevin Macleod at DAILYMOTION - FACEBOOK - TWITTER - WEBSITE - MERCH - SUBMIT A STORY - SHIRTS! - Top 5 true creepy stories of real horror stories, haunted highways, and scary people are short stories from subscribers! - Crazy Uber Drunk Creepers by reckless1 - Sharing an Uber with a Psycho by hannahcolorado - Haunted Uber Ride by 11jensen - Creepy Uber Driver by Ivie M. - Uber Cab Scare by Rally Top 5 Horror Stories of real paranormal activity, of real life serial killers, and true urban legends are true stories from subscribers. Read these true scary stories and many other real ghost stories here! Subscribe to this Disturbing YouTube Channel for more True Horror Stories, Scary stories from reddit lets not meet, no sleep stories, and scary craigslist stories! The Best Halloween YouTube Channel! Come back anytime for Halloween Ghost Stories! Check out our Store for Horror Merchandise! Submit your own Creepypasta Stories and Real Ghost Stories! We want to hear about your Disturbing Snapchat Stories, Missing People Cases, and Scary Omegle Stories!

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