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Can you solve these short riddles with a twist in 7 seconds?! Try to do it and improve your logical skills and intelligence! Let's see if you can crack these brain games easily. A number of studies have shown that solving riddles is one of the most effective ways to train your brain. If you feel bored or exhausted, try these cool riddles to wake up your brain: 00:14 - A hard crime riddle (don't worry, it all turned out okay!) that will itch your brain and make you sweat! If you can't crack this riddle, you're probably overthinking it. You know, kids usually find the answer at once because they don't pay attention to trifles. So if you feel it difficult to solve this riddle, clear your mind and try to see the whole picture! 02:13 - A fun logic riddle about how important it is to think before you say. Will you figure out why Nick seemed to be so suspicious for the police? You will never guess it if you don't have a sense of humor! So what do you think? 03:17 - A mysterious riddle with an answer where you have to quickly come up with the right solution to save your life! This riddle will tease your brain and make you think outside the box as only a creative solver with a good memory will find the way out of here. What would you do to survive? 04:21 - A set of mind-blowing quiz questions you've probably never thought about! Only a really intelligent person will be able to answer at least one of them so you can be proud of yourself if you do. I was really shocked by the 3rd question! Which one impressed you the most? 07:01 - Hey, Detective, here is the most difficult crime riddle ever and we can't do without your help! Search for the evidence and find the killer before someone else gets hurt. If you fail, who else could help us? But feel free to take a break if it's too difficult for you. A tough crime riddle to exercise your brain! 09:11 - A hard personal choice we suggest that you make this time (only in your imagination)! This is a difficult story on a crime you need to think of and come up with the best solution for yourself. What would you do in such a situation? 10:17 - A brain-itching crime riddle only a highly intelligent one can solve! How could the famous killer fail this time? You will have to rack your brain and find the answer. Can you do this before the time is over? A detective riddle with an answer to exercise your brain! 12:03 - A mysterious picture puzzle to test your logical thinking and intuition. Who seems dangerous in this picture? Who wouldn't you date or get together for lunch? Let's see if you would survive! TELL me IN THE COMMENTS who do you think is the werewolf? Subscribe to 7-Second Riddles: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join us on Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Website: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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