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EACH OF YOU IS AN ANGEL - THE NEWEST ANGEL IN THE UNIVERSE! This is your FRESH START WITH YOUR TWIN!! BLUE RAY TWIN FLAMES RESURRECT THEIR LIGHT BODY FULLY DEEPLY AND INTIMATELY WITH EACH OTHER!!! THANK YOU TO ALL YOU MAGICAL GOD AND GODDESSES WHO WENT TO THE OCEAN! CRITICALLY NECESSARY & POWERFULLY NEEDED - The Physical Reunions and ALIGNING together to Merge in their HOME GRIDPOINTS. To MELT, FUSE, SPIN YOUR ATOMS, ENTWINE, and THEN to ANCHOR SOURCE LOVE and the 5D Template of Divine Love and Union Through the Physical Union, Through The Sacred Lovemaking BLUE RAYS ARE THE ONLY ANGELICS THAT HAVE THE FULL TEMPLATE AND PATH (BRIDGE) BACK TO SOURCE LOVE. ONCE THEY ARE MERGED , ARE ABLE TO OFFER THE 5D TEMPLATE TO OTHERS, FIRE THEIR GRIDPOINTS TO ENABLE ALL OF REPAIRS, RECONNECTIONS AND ALLEVIATIONS OF DISEASE AND ILLNESS TO BE REMOVED FROM THE REST OF THE MASSES, AND TO ENABLE A HIGHER QUALITY OF LIVING AND THE ABILITY TO GRADUALLY GO TO THE 5TH DIMENSION. BLUE RAY ILLUMINED TWIN FLAMES ARE PHYSICALLY COMING HOME TO EACH OTHER - after the Lengthy process of Integrating all your Wonderful Sparkling Multidimensional Essence. The "Ones" who've been waiting - Your Time is Sept 17th to October 18th. Your Recent Interactions with your Twin, whether in the Physical, in your Creative Lucid Dreamtime (6th Dimensional ), with Soul Mates in the Etheric, will be to Conclude, BRING CLOSURE, and Breakup with anything NOT previously addressed properly. NO KARMA! Other Twin Flames will be going in subsequent Waves - for Spring & Summer 2016 Every Turning of the Wheel indicated by the Changing of the Seasons will bring Twin Flames together. February - brought the Winds of Change from the Galactic Center APril - Pulling in the 4 Corners of the Galaxy June - The Turning Point August - The GATE Opening and Watery Emotions Flowing to wash out everything karmic & unusable Sept - October - Divine Sacred Ocean of Love Flows In KEYWORDS FOR YOU: IGNITION, ASPIRATION, ASSIMILATION into the Greater COSMOS, CELEBRATION, UNREST/RESTLESS, TRIUMPH, FORCEFULNESS, MOVEMENT, PERSEVERANCE, OVERLOAD/Too MUCH, EAGERNESS, VIGOR, FAITH, VISION.- from the Wands: FIRE & ACTION. IF you wish to ERASE the memories of Time & Space - to be NEW with your Twin Flame, try my Webinars IF you are seeking any assistance in HOW to hold your LOVE BUBBLE, To alleviate your Ascension SYMPTOMS, TO HOLD YOUR HIGHER ELEVATED ENERGIES WHILE EXPECTING YOUR TWIN, please try my Webinars, Via my website: Thank you for Watching and wishing you the best! Patricia McNeilly Illumined Blue Ray Twin Flame

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