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⚠️Warning Contains Triggers⚠️ A complete breakdown of trauma-based mind control, including its history, methods and symbols. Many Celebrities, politicians, as well as common people are under this form of total-mind control! HELP ME KEEP THE DOCUMENTARIES COMING! BECOME A PATREON INSIDER FOR ONLY $5 A MONTH! https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?c=544841 DONATE THROUGH PAYPAL! https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=Z6ZYY3E8HRSDE © Jay Myers 2017 All rights reserved. May be reproduced in part for fair use/ educational purposes. Sources: “How the Illuminati Create a Totally Undetectable Mind Control Slave” -Fritz Springmeier “Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula” -Fritz Springmeier. “Trance-Formation of America” -Cathy O’Brien “Thanks for the Memories” -Brice Taylor -http://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/pictures-rothschild-family/ http://vigilantcitizen.com/hidden-knowledge/origins-and-techniques-of-monarch-mind-control/ http://www.blastr.com/2016-8-16/stranger-things-explored-secrets-mkultra-program http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/jayz/spiritual.html http://thefranklinfiles.activeboard.com/t31814259/dr-michael-aquino-in-his-own-words/?sort=newestFirst&page=1 https://www.damninteresting.com/taking-control-of-candy-jones/ http://vigilantcitizen.com/vigilantreport/the-hidden-life-of-marilyn-monroe-the-original-hollywood-mind-control-slave-part-i/ https://mindcontrolblackassassins.com/2010/02/19/tiger-woods-a-mk-ultra-satanic-ritually-abused-victim-2/ Music: “Forsaken”-Dejans “Controlled Chaos”-Kevin Macleod “Classic Horror”-Kevin Macleod “Samurai Patrol”-Teknoaxe “Suspenseful and Victorious Underscore -Jake Lavallee, owner of uncopyrightedmusic.net “Decay-Kevin”- Macleod “The Complex”-Kevin Macleod “Darkest Child”-Kevin Macleod “Quinn’s Song: The Dance”-Kevin Macleod “Aftermath”-Kevin Macleod “Sinister, Dark, Ambient Background Music” -CO.AG Music “Fresh Catch”-Mitch Music “The Dark Forest”-Ghoulsh Grin Films “Web of Lies”-Mitch Music “Ratchet & Release”-Mitch Music “Ghost Story”-Kevin Macleod “Digital Bark”-Kevin Macleod “Classic Horror 2”-Kevin Macleod “Horror Spacial Winds”-Kevin Macleod “Night Break”-Kevin Macleod “New Era” -Gramatton “Night of the Vampire”-Teknoaxe

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