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Leading Chinese economist urges reform to farmers' land usage rights
Chinese economists are parsing every word of General Secretary Xi's work report, delivered at the opening the 19th CPC National Congress. One of the leading ...
How to Filter Google Images by Usage Rights
A basic description of how to grab images from a Google search and ensure that they are in the public domain and labeled for unlimited use.
Quicker Google Images Search by Usage Rights License
Google Images Search has added "image search by usage rights" option under 'search tools'. This allows more quicker images search by commercial reuse ...
Google Image Search - Usage Rights
This video explains how to search Google for images available under different usage rights.
How I deal with usage rights for commercial photography as a photographer and business owner
Usage rights are a subject that goes fairly unspoken. This Part 1 of how I deal with usage rights for commercial photography as a photographer and business ...
Google Image Search and the Usage Rights Filter Tutorial
Trying to find images you can legally use? Watch this tutorial to learn about the usage rights filter in Google's image search.
A Drink with James Episode 55 - Usage Rights, Experiences as Payment, Business Tips
In A Drink with James Episode 55, Fohr Card CEO James Nord talks about usage rights for images, experiences as payment, and gives some business tips that ...
Google Image Search by Usage Rights
Today Google has made it much easier to find Creative Commons images to use in your website designs.
Usage Rights on Google Images
Filter Google Image search by usage rights
Find a "copyleft" image easily using Google's image search. Use the tools menu, and filter by usage rights. Make sure to select one of the "reuse" options.