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The movie story deals with Rahul Verma and Karan Srivastav are business partners. The film begins with the discovery of dead body of Pooja Sharma, Rahul's wife. It is apparent that Pooja has committed suicide by hanging herself. However, before the postmortem, Pooja's body goes missing. As the investigation goes on, the film turns to a flashback, where it is revealed that Karan used to be Pooja's ex-boyfriend. Karan was brash and good looking, but he was extremely possessive of Pooja because in a fit of rage Karan stabbed a man with a fork and forced Pooja to leave her father. This caused Pooja to break up with him. After the break up, Karan left town and Pooja met a handsome, loving, wealthy man, Rahul. Soon, the two got married and started living a happy married life. However, one day, Rahul lost his eyes in a car crash. Meanwhile, Karan became a wealthy man, unaware of the fact that Pooja is now married. He also met Karan, and the two becoming business partners. Karan goes to Pooja's appartment and finds out that Pooja does not live there and that her father had died. Karan goes to Rahul's house but was shocked to see that Rahul's wife is Pooja. However, Karan became angry after learning about Rahul and Pooja. He started harassing Pooja behind Rahul's back. The story comes to the present, where the police are investigating the case. With new developments in the place, the police start suspecting that Pooja's death is not a suicide and that Karan has something to do with it. At Karan's house someone leaves Pooja's jewellery on his drawer. Karan calls his friend Rajat Saxena and tells him that he cannot call Rahul. One night at Rahul's house both Karan and Saxena come over for a drink but Karan plans to put a dangerous syrup in one of the glasses which Saxena accidentaly drank. Karan realizes that somebody is trying to frame him and with Saxena's help he promises that no one will frame him. His only logical suspect is Rahul, but he is unable to understand how and why as Rahul and Karan go to a train track Rahul saves a deaf boy. Karan realizes that Rahul is not blind as both men fight but Karan manages to gunpoint Rahul. Back at Rahul's house Karan falsley believes that he murdered Pooja as Karan records everything that he was saying to Rahul but Rahul was the one controling everything with his remote. Angered Karan threatens to shoot Rahul but is stopped by the police and Inspector Khan. Meanwhile, the police and Khan gather enough circumstantial evidence pointing towards Karan. Karan is arrested for the murder and sentenced to life imprisonment in Section 302 Indian Panel Code by the Judge. However, Karan manages to bribe a Constable by giving him a wrist watch worth $100000.00 in return the Constable managed to give Karan a tape recorder. That night, Rahul comes to meet Karan who tells him that he knew that Karan did not commit the murderer. Rahul starts explaining that he had found out that his blindness was curable. For the same purpose, he went abroad and had operation done on himself secretly. Rahul intended to surprise Pooja, but upon his arrival, he found her in Karan's arms. This infuriated him, but he kept quiet. However, later that night, he accidentally made her realize that he can see now. After that, Pooja put two and two together and committed suicide. Rahul and his servant Alex find an audio cassette recorded by Pooja. In the cassette, Pooja explained the whole story and also told him that Karan was harassing her. She had to play along, because Karan had threatened her that he will harm Rahul. Rahul now tells to a captive Karan that Pooja did commit suicide, but in his eyes, her death was a murder and Karan, a murderer. Hence, he vowed to make Karan pay by taking matters into his own hands.with Alex's help it was him that dropped his sneakers at the beach as proof. Then Rahul starts explaining how he framed Karan. After he is done talking, Karan jubiliantly shows him the tape recorder. Rahul tells him that he had anticipated this move and reveals that the tape recorder had no batteries. Realizing that Rahul has succeeded in trapping him, Karan becomes crestfallen, while Rahul remarks that he has fulfilled a promise as Karan yells in fear right after Rahul leaves. In the end, Rahul is shown immersing Pooja's ashes in the river and Karan sitting in his cell in terror.

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