Vampires - Love you like a Vampire
I created this video to show my love for vampires. Vampires are in everything, books, movies, youtube videos, even fanfiction. The thing I love about vampires is ...
Groups? The Carnival Master's plan? Clowns = vampires? (some Escape the Night Season 3 theories)
let's talk about some observations! also, screw the clowns. if any of them say anything about floating, I'm gonna break something.
Top 10 TV Vampires
Watch Movie Vampires here: Who wants to be human, when these vamps make being supernatural look so ...
5 REAL Vampires That Actually Existed
From witnessed accounts of vampire attacks to entire towns plagued by the undead, we count 5 real vampires that actually existed. SUBSCRIBE: ...
Bloody Vampires
This scene was taken from the movie; Interview with a Vampire. Simon, Kevin, Gabbie and Lindsey had real fun with the costumes and the blood. Thanks to ...
Hollywood Vampires We could be heroes Manchester 17th June 2018 -
We could be heroes.
Vampire Makeup Tutorial ♥
Vampire makeup tutorial how to for Halloween Vampires are by far my favorite "look" for halloween. So I couldn't resist to show you my version of a vampire by ...
Vampires Are Real?
Vampire girlfriend! LOL!
5 Darkest Cases Of Vampires Throughout History
5 darkest cases of vampires throughout history. In this video we countdown 5 darkest cases of vampires. Vampires originate from Easter Europe in the late 17th ...
Needy People: Relational Vampires Week 3
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