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hy women are always asked the burning Question ???? R U VIRGIN ??? Oneway Films Pvt Ltd efforts to make a BOLD short film on a Sensational, & Controversial subject " R U VIRGIN" This Short film is based on Women empowerment in the 21st century INDIA. We have portrayed the modern woman as to how she has the guts to reply back to the society at large. She wants to break the male dominance and the orthodox mindset which is still existing in our society amongst most men till date. The times have changed and the women of India are ready to face the world BOLDLY. They have proved their power and started to ask very BOLD questions to men. R U ???? Please subscribe us on our channel M24U ➤ Credits ➲ Directed by: Tarang Vaidya ➲ Produced by: Mohamedali R.Budhawani, Vijay J.Poddar, Kailash Yadav & GK Agrawal. Co-Producer: Nishant Kaushik (NKV Films) ➲ Lead Actors: Anas Khan & Khushboo Poddar ➤ Useful Links : ➲ Facebook : ➲ G+ : ➲ Twitter :

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