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DIGITAL: http://smarturl.it/wwdeadweight US MERCH: http://smarturl.it/deadweightbundles EU MERCH: http://smarturl.it/deadweighteu CD/ LP AND DIGITAL (AUS): http://smarturl.it/deadweightaus Taken from the new album 'Deadweight' available now.. Stay connected: http://wagewarband.com http://facebook.com/wagewar http://twitter.com/wagewar http://instagram.com/wagewarofficial Video by Drew Russ. http://vilasentertainment.com Produced by Jeremy McKinnon and Andrew Wade. Mixed by Andrew Wade. LYRICS: We all hide behind a mask A product of our own self destructive past We all ache for something deeper than the surface Searching for anything to break the name "worthless" If only we could see the damage we cause ourselves It often seems our best intentions pave the road to hell We do it to ourselves It's got me overwhelmed I've never fallen this far It's never been this dark  Take me back to better days Before I was a slave to the choices that I have made There's gotta be a better way This can't stay  Don't let me fade away Don't let me fade away I just can't make another day Don't let me fade away I've been torn down to nothing  We all want to be set free  Enslaved to emotions or someone We're ripping at the seams  Can't seem to stop the bleeding  Too blind to see the cycle repeats  Feels like I'm made to fail You pick the coffin and I'll drive the nail We all hide behind a mask We all want to be set free If you can hear this If you can feel this Don't let me fade away If you can hear this If you can feel this Don't let me fade away Give me a sign Tell me everything will be alright Give me a sign These idle hands Adept for a crime

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