wage war indestructible

DIGITAL: http://smarturl.it/wwdeadweight US MERCH: http://smarturl.it/deadweightbundles EU MERCH: http://smarturl.it/deadweighteu CD/ LP AND DIGITAL (AUS): http://smarturl.it/deadweightaus Taken from the new album 'Deadweight' available now. Stay connected: http://wagewarband.com http://facebook.com/wagewar http://twitter.com/wagewar http://instagram.com/wagewarofficial Video by John Howe. https://johnhowemedia.co.uk/ Produced by Jeremy McKinnon and Andrew Wade. Mixed by Andrew Wade. LYRICS: To all the ones who have helped me along the way, I owe a debt I can never repay Carried on the shoulders of strangers No room for doubt, lead by faith, never failure You paved the way, but to my dismay The Great Unknown could be an Early Grave. On a long road, with the end in our sights. Tragedy takes it away, like a thief in the night. I pray it's not over, won't remain broken. I'm looking for closure. I’m scared Didn't think it’d come with a cost  That people would change, that lives could be lost  I’m having nightmares where fate leaves us for dead Never imagined a price on our heads I woke up screaming, I felt my heart sink in I miss the days when I felt indestructible We're veering over lines, that shake me every time I miss the days when I felt indestructible It wasn't supposed to be like this  I lived in a world where darkness didn't exist Mortality is a beautiful thing, embrace it, don't waste it, you're the one who pulls the strings. Heavy win Heavy loss I'm moving forward no matter what the cost  I woke up screaming, I felt my heart sink in I miss the days when I felt indestructible So write this on my stone if I don't make it home, I tried my best, but I'm not indestructible Even through the darkest nights,  all hope is not lost

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