walking cast

walking cast
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Putting on a walking cast after 3 weeks of surgery.
Cam Walker Walking Cast Fracture Boot Alternative Waterproof Short Leg Cast.
http://orthotape.com/Delta_Dry_Waterproof_Cast_Padding_leg_cast.asp Medical journals have shown that the fiberglass short leg walking cast, heals the patient faster and provides for more patient...
WARNING MAY BE GRAPHIC TO SOME VIEWERS: Part 2- Getting A Walking Cast With A Shoe??
Spending Our Morning Getting A New Walking Cast With Some Spunky Cool Colors and a little shoe.
Simple Instructions for Using a Walking Cast
Simple Instructions for Using a Walking Cast.
Application short leg walking cast(fiberglass)by RAKE Krittanai
How to fit an Air Cast walking boot & ankle progress
Hi everyone, this video aims to show you how to correctly fit an air cast air select standard walking boot. I hope you enjoy it and find this video useful. Now it's the summer holidays, I am...
When you first try to walk on your full leg cast!!!!
First time standing after her cast was put on. What a thrill that was!!!
walking cast
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How To | Use Walking Boot/Shoe
DISCLAIMER I AM NOT A DOCTOR and this video is several years old! If someone has told you to pump after strapping then please do so! I get a good tension before strapping and if it's too much...