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More Info --- http://www.catfishedge.com/led-lights-catfish-boat/ I’ve always had some sort of lighting system installed on my catfish boats to use when catching shad at night and early in the morning and for night fishing for catfish. For some reason when I got my SeaArk ProCat 240 I never installed any lights on the interior. The ProCat has a small light on the passenger side console that lights a small area but for some reason I’ve never used it much. This past winter I was catching shad early one morning in the dark. I stepped down off the front deck to grab my iPilot remote. It was pitch black outside and I was in a hurry and I tripped and fell in the front of the boat. I fell hard enough that I was banged up, scraped and bruised in multiple areas and it took me a few days to recover. As soon as this happened I decided I needed to install some lights on the SeaArk ProCat 240 so I started shopping. Historically I’ve used a couple of small flood lights for lights on my catfish boat. They put off a lot of light but they also have tendency to get in the way and they put a big drain on the batteries but the technology has changed significantly since the last time I installed lights on my catfish boat. I knew I wanted LED lights because they draw a minimal amount of power and wouldn’t create an battery issues. After shopping around some I decided I wanted the waterproof LED strip lights instead of a traditional flood light. The waterproof led strip lights available for boats come in a variety of colors (which can help with bugs and visibility) and are also much more low profile so they can mounted almost anywhere and they’ll stay out of the way. I started shopping around looking at different options and got overwhelmed pretty quickly. There’s hundreds if not thousands of different options and brands available. I found lights that were as cheap as $10 to some that were as much as $600 to $700 for a set to outfit a boat. After doing some research online and talking to a few different anglers about LED lights for boats I made a decision. I looked at a couple of boats with $700 LED lights installed and a couple with the cheap LED lights installed also and I couldn’t really tell the difference between the two options. The biggest difference between the cheap and expensive options seemed to be the warranty and longevity of the product. I’d be installing the waterproof led lights inside the gunnel of my SeaArk ProCat 240 so installation would be quick and easy. If the lights didn’t last a long time it wouldn’t be a big deal to replace them.

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