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LINK TO PURCHASE: http://molblargio.bandcamp.com/track/welcome-to-the-phandom I highly encourage you to purchase this song :) it will support me as a small YouTuber and will help improve the quality of my videos -------- in which molly uploads something that's good lol I also forget to type this in here originally so this is Molly a month after posting this. Hi! Anyways, this is inspired by both Liketotallyeden and Doddleoddle just because of the phan and the ukulele :D CHORDS: C, F, A minor and G. Strum down and then mute it repeatedly. Super simple, perfect for learning when you first start playing uke :) LYRICS: One click on a video can change your life, when a guy named Dan stumbles in with a hi. Or a guy named Phil in black and white, either way, it could change your life over night. Llamas, Lions, Glabellas too, things that used to mean nothing to you, but now your life’s a joke and you’re going broke because Danandphilshop is taking money from you. All these things that once meant nothing now are your world and mean everything. You know their voices by memory, and it kinda scares your family. Welcome to the Phandom, we can suck you in with a couple of jokes and a couple of vids. You’ll slowly start to lose your mind, but so is everyone else so it’s fine. Whiskering up your face in tears for a video that only comes once a year. Getting hooked on anime thanks to Dan cuz he stole your heart and with it he ran. You’re getting high off of the sharpie fumes, and you’re starting to wonder what they’ve done to you. You’re buying things that you don’t really need, like a llama hat and tatinof tix for VIP. You’re part of the Phandom. Phil’s been around since 2000 and 6, and he gave Dan some editing tips. Now they’ve got tons of subs and run the world and the minds of millions of girls. But you’re not here just cuz they’re cute you’re hear because they understand you. Your awkward habits, they’ve got em too and that’s why they mean so much to you. All these things you didn’t understand, now you’re calling them your dad’s. It freaks out friends and your parents too, and so you ask the internet support group what to do because they’re threatening to put you in counseling because they think you’re crazy…..please help dan? *awkward smile and a slowly played g chord lmao* Welcome to the Phandom, we’ve got lots of things. Like a stress mushroom and Dan, the meme king. We spend too much time on youtube to the point where time means nothing to you. You cry too much about stupid things like the way Dan and Phil sound when they sing. It’s not too great, and it’s kinda off key, but it’s HSM’s Breaking Free. We’re soaring, flying, there’s not a star in heaven that we can’t reach. Baby, can’t you see I’m calling, a guy like you should wear a warning. Somebody once told me, the world is gonna roll me, I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed. You’re part of the Phandom x2 SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram.com/molblargioo Twitter.com/molblargio *yes, there were more links here but due to the rising of my sub count, i'd like to keep things private. Comment "stop dan's tweets 2k16" if you read this far ;)

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