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Course instructor Nick Booker looks at India’s influence by describing its important role in global trade in the 17th century. Nick talks about the Mughal empire as well as various European trading outposts in India, may of which later became colonies. The Taj Mahal is discussed as an example of production using a global supply chain, with materials sourced from all over the world. Join over 10,000 enrolled learners on the Coursera MOOC! With a rating of 4.6/5, "The Importance of India" is set to become one of Coursera's top rated courses! Visit www.coursera.org/learn/passport-to-india to enroll in the course and join the online discussions now! Professor Brian Joseph of the Ohio State University (www.osu.edu) and Nick Booker of IndoGenius (www.indogenius.org) are the instructors for this highly engaging course meant to inform young Americans about and prepare them for study and internship in India. Learners from around the world and especially India are also taking part and contributing thoughtful perspective in the course discussion forums. COURSE TESTIMONIALS: “I have not seen such a comprehensive, clear, and forward-looking account of India in my recent years of research into Indian culture.” "I loved the energy the instructor embedded in each lecture. He seems to be passionate about his subject and masters the content." "There is so much I've learned form this course that I never learned from my history courses back in my K-12 years. On top of that, I have come to love India more than I previously did, and I previously lived in India to study Hindi and Hinduism at my university - so that says a lot." "[I] Learned much about the country that I'd not known before: its past strengths, its tremendous growth possibilities, use of technology to develop in non-traditional ways versus Europe, China and the Americas. Makes me think more about global influences of ALL countries and how diverse the world is in culture, language, social and political policies, diversities within as well as outside of countries and how the world may be in fifty or 100 years from now. Enormously exciting.” DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this video are those of the course instructor(s) and are not meant to represent the views of any company, education institution or platform, or any other governmental or non governmental organisation.

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