Who Am I - Casting Crowns (w/ lyrics)
This is a video I made of a song that inspired me during my most trying times.. It also serves as a prayer of hope to those who are confused and at a loss. God bless you and I hope you like...
The Harvester - Brandon Heath (w/lyrics)
Brandon Heath - The Harvester - Official Lyric Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeowkHpYPUc.
I'm Sprung T-Pain (w/ Lyrics)
[Chorus] I'm Sprung...(I'm sprung) Dawg She Got Me... Got me doin things I'll never do If u ain't been I'm tellin you I'm Sprung...(I'm Sprung) Dawg She Got Me... Got me doin things I'll...
Never Thought That I Could Love-Dan Hill w/ Lyrics
my favor8 love song.
carrie underwood Jesus take the wheel w/lyrics
Hi this is my 4th lyric video that i've made but i only uploaded this one haha!! I DONT OWN ANYTHING!!!! By the way sorry my spelling is absolute shit. I was like sick and stupid and like...
Eff w/ Lyrics - Bo Burnham - what
"Eff" by Bo Burnham from the "what" album. *All rights to Bo Burnham Lyrics: Fuck the rules Fuck the game Fuck you tools Fuck you're lame If giving a fuck means sucking up then fuck it,...
Cody Jinks "Cast No Stones" w/Lyrics
From the album "Adobe Sessions" http://bit.ly/CodyJinksITUNES www.codyjinks.com www.facebook.com/codyjinks www.twitter.com/codyjinksmusic.
Iron - Woodkid w/ lyrics
Song belongs to rightful owners, blahb. Was used in the Assassins Creed Revelations trailer I don't own this song, man.
Jose Mari Chan is a famous Filipino singer and an excellent songwriter. He is considered as one of the most foremost popular music writers of the Philippines. His songs were very popular nowadays...
Pearl Jam - Black (w/ lyrics)
Here are the lyrics to one of my favorite songs, Black by Pearl Jam.