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World Of Warcraft Beginners Guide is something you'd have likely searched for on YouTube as a new player, I remember doing it myself and sitting through hours of rambling to find out the basics, well now there's no need, In this video I've tried to make the most concise, and expansive guide to explain World of warcraft to people who've never played it before, I cover everything from installing the game to thing's you'll encounter later on near level cap as well as provide a bunch of links in the video and description to other WoW guides and resources, If you're a new WoW player then I hope this helps you out in learning the game for WoW Legion. ____________________________________________ ---Music--- Song1: Fractal - Atrium: Song2: Eminence - Where the light is: Song3: Eminence - Ocean City: Song4: Fractal - Mountain Hunter: Song5: Nitro Fun - Turbo Penguin: ____________________________________________ ---Links--- Download WoW EU: Download WoW US: Realm Pop: Curse Addon Client: WoW Challenges: WoW Acronyms: MMO Champion: Icy Veins: Blizzard Watch: WoW Reddit: ____________________________________________ In this video I explain all the fundamentals of World Of Warcraft for new players and beginners, I touch on basically every aspect of the game from making an account, installing the game, showing you the UI and explaining the leveling process as well as end game. I tried to be concise as possible and kept rambling to an absolute minimum, there's also a bunch of annotation links to other helpful WoW guides and videos I've made in the past, this should be the only WoW beginners guide you'll ever need. If you'd like to suggest a topic for a future discussion or top 10 please comment or tweet me via the links above. ____________________________________________ ---Guide Contents--- Account Creation - 0:12 Cost - 0:30 Recruit A Friend - 0:57 Installation - 1:26 Server Explanation - 1:41 Factions - 2:26 Racials - 2:39 Class Creation & Choice - 2:58 Character Creation - 3:15 Setting up your keybinds - 3:22 UI Tour - 3:58 Questing leveling And Map Use - 7:08 Professions - 7:44 Explination Of Roles - 8:20 Gear And Stats - 8:41 Explanation Of Specs + Talents - 9:41 Low Level PVP - 10:19 Dungeons And Group Finder - 10:30 Getting A Mount - 10:53 Flight Paths & Transport - 11:13 Guilds - 11:36 Transmog - 12:00 Reputation - 12:13 Currencies - 12:29 Titles - 12:47 Achievements - 13:04 Addons - 13:14 Gold Making - 13:40 PVP Explanation - 13:56 What Is Arena - 14:12 Twinks - 14:28 PVE Explanation - 15:00 Raid Difficulties - 15:08 World Events - 15:48 Pet Battles - 16:00 Toys - 16:16 What Is Lore - 16:24 What Is Role-playing - 16:47 WoW Challenges - 17:09 Heirlooms - 17:29 Class Guides - 17:47 Common WoW Terminology And Acronyms - 18:13 Public Test Realms And BETA Access - 18:29 WoW Resources - 18:42 What Is Blizzcon? - 18:49 Other WoW Youtubers - 19:05 Things To Do When You're Bored In WoW - 19:17 ____________________________________________ Legal footnotes - All footage and audio is copyright Blizzard unless otherwise indicated. Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 ____________________________________ World Of Warcraft Beginners Guide "Everything You Need To Know"

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