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World of Warcraft Choosing a Class - Beginner's Guide WoW
In this video I give a very brief rundown of every class and all of their specializations to help you pick what you want to be! Class lore:
Choosing A Main For Patch 7.3: Best Class & Spec For You?
By the time Patch 7.3 rolled around I was ready for a big change. ○Patreon - ○Twitter - ○I Stream on! -
World of Warcraft Complete Beginners Guide 2018 - What Class Should You Pick, Level Boost Or Fresh?
World of Warcraft complete beginners guide to help new players get into WoW. What class should you pick, should you use a level boost or should you start a fresh character, what realm should...
Beginners Guide to Race/Class Choices for World of Warcraft
A small guide to choosing your first race/class to start in your adventure in World of Warcraft. Mostly for new players to get their feet wet, but also can help veteran players choose their...
World Of Warcraft: Which Class Should You Play?
What class should you play in World of Warcraft? It's a question I've been asked many times so I thought I'd make a video to help you guys that are undecided on your mains to make a good choice,...
If I Rerolled, Id Play These Fun Classes - Legion WoW 7.3
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Classic WoW Guide: Picking a Class (All 9 Classes Compared)
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Which Class Should You Play In World of Warcraft?!
So how do we find the perfect class for us to play? We need to look at a few variables! There's a few roles in the game you can fill when you get into group content; Tanking, Healing and DPSing....
WoW Legion Prep: Choosing My Main & Runner Up Classes
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The Rogue - Legion Class Review: Is It Fun? [Outlaw, Subtlety, Assassination]
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