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World of Warcraft Choosing a Class - Beginner's Guide WoW
In this video I give a very brief rundown of every class and all of their specializations to help you pick what you want to be! Class lore:
Choosing A Main For Patch 7.3: Best Class & Spec For You?
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World Of Warcraft: Which Class Should You Play?
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WoW Legion Prep: Choosing My Main & Runner Up Classes
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Which Class Should You Play In World of Warcraft?!
So how do we find the perfect class for us to play? We need to look at a few variables! There's a few roles in the game you can fill when you get into group content; Tanking, Healing and DPSing....
If I Rerolled, Id Play These Fun Classes - Legion WoW 7.3
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7.2.5 - Guides and Class Changes for all
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Patch 7.3 Best and Worst Classes So Far - World of Warcraft Legion - Hogman
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Top 10 Most Awesome DPS Specs In World Of Warcraft
World Of Warcraft is a game with many cool classes and specs, In This WoW Top 10 we look at what Dps specs are the most cool and fun to play based on gameplay, fantasy and aesthetics organised...
WoW Legion: Choosing a Main Class
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