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WOW! The Setup For The Next Expansion Revealed? Let's Talk.
THIS LOOKS AWESOME. Spoilers of course. It seems like things are going in a very cool direction for the next expansion. ○Patreon - ○Twitter -
World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Cinematic Trailer
Tensions between the Alliance and Horde have erupted, and a new age of war has begun. For more info on the game, or to opt in to the beta, head to
NEXT EXPANSION: Features! Freak'n Boats?! Old World Revamp? Let's Chat
What will World of Warcraft's next expansion to do push the envelope? What will set it apart from the feel of playing Legion? Let's talk about some awesome, but possible, features. ○Twitter...
ITS HERE! World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth! Features & First Impressions
Blizzard have unveiled the next expansion for World of Warcraft, titled Battle for Azeroth. ○Twitter - ○I Stream on! -
NEXT EXPANSION: New Races And Subraces: What's Possible (+ New Datamining)
It's time to talk about possible new races or subraces in Legion, including some new datamined information from 7.3.2. ○Patreon - ○Twitter -
Battle for Azeroth Announced! Next WoW Expansion | BlizzCon 2017
It's here! All out war! The Battle for Azeroth has only just begun! Join me on Discord! - Donate to keep the channel running! -
NEXT EXPANSION: Deciphering The Riddles of N'zoth, Jaina, Sylvanas & Magni For 8.0!
Today we are going to recep and review all of the relevant riddles that've been spung throughout Legion in an attempt to work out where World of Warcraft is going. ○Twitter -
Most Exciting Features The Next Expansion Could Bring | World of Warcraft Legion
What are the most exciting features that could be announced for the next expansion? Let's have a look at some of my favourites! Join me on Discord! - Donate to keep...
Sylvanas Goes To War Next Expansion | WoW News
There's some interesting bits and pieces in this chapter sample, it looks like Sylvannas wants to go to war with the Alliance sometime soon. I wonder how the rest of the world will react? ...
The 6 NEW RACES Coming Next Expansion | WoW Battle for Azeroth Beta
We've got some new races on our hands in Battle for Azeroth, from the snakey Sethrak to the foxy Vulpera it looks like we'll have our hands full of new races to save and kill..., at least if...