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http://www.handandwristinstitute.com/wrist-fractures-surgeon/ - Dr. Knight looks at various fractures in the wrist and surgery to correct them. He specifically looks at the most common fractures: Distal Radius (Colles) and Scaphoid (Navicular) fractures. He also looks at more rare fractures of the Hamate and Capitate. He shows actual surgery footage of the top daredevil in the world, Red Bull motocross super star Robbie Maddison. Displaced bones of the wrist almost always require surgical intervention, usually in the form of pins if the displacement is small enough to be put back manually, but often requiring plates and screws to hold the bone in place if the displacement is very great. These plates and screws are generally left in the hand, and do not impede function, but in the case that adhesions develop on the hardware, or if they somehow cause irritation or damage to the nearby tendons, they may be removed at a later date. Surgeries of this type, involving a plate, usually take about 45 minutes, and are done under general anesthetic. After this, a smaller surgery may be required to remove the pins, which is done at a later date. Scaphoid fractures can be complicated, because the bone itself is not very well connected to the blood vessels of the hand, and so is delicate and susceptible to injury, and bone repair is difficult. Often, if there is enough vasculation in the bone, the scaphoid will heal itself without the need for surgery, but if it does not, then the bone can deteriorate, and must be either repaired removed. IF it is not removed, then a tension screw is used to hold the bone in place as it heals, and this can take five or six weeks. In a hamate hook fracture, the best course of action is to remove the affected hook entirely, which allows the wrist to then move about freely without irritation. Post surgery, splinting is the most important part of wrist recovery, and is necessary in all procedures to keep the wrist from moving and upsetting the delicate balance of bone placement for healing purposes.

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