The Only Existing Footage Of 1st Plane Hitting WTC
Footage taken by the Naudet brothers on 9/11.
9-11 WTC Attacks Original Sound. Steve Vigilante
Some footage I shot on 9-11-01. This is never before seen footage and has never been released. I chose to upload it because I feel it has historical importance. Like many New Yorkers I know...
102 Minutes - The Attack on WTC, Part 1
Part 2 of this film is here: The horror of Sept. 11, displayed in a compilation from a wide range of material. This film shows how unthinkable these...
WTC Demolition Flashes (ON VIDEO)
Here are some demolition/explosives charges caught on video, very likely pre-weakening charges as seen in the video "bombs, not jet fuel, once and for all".
Walton Coin (WTC) in a Nutshell (Part 3 of 3)
Walton Chain (Walton Coin, WTC) is combines Blockchain technology with the Internet of Things (IOT) using RFID technology. This not only allows smart devices to communicate to each other, but...
WTC 1 Burning, WTC 2 Plane Impact & Immediate Aftermath (Luc Courchesne/Framepool/Enhanced Quality)
0:00 - North Tower (WTC 1) on fire around 8:59 a.m., before the second aircraft hit the South Tower (WTC 2). Close up on WTC 1 south face (halfway up) and floating debris. 0:39 - Rumbling...
9/11: 18 Views of "Plane Impact" in South Tower | World Trade Center (+ HD DOWNLOAD)
18 different views of the second plane crashing in the WTC on 9/11 in the USA. Proof of the aircraft in a compilation & terror, osama bin laden, fake, lie, bush. World Trade Center in America,...
9/11 - ..... And The Elevator Music In The WTC Plaza Played On
9/11 - ..... And The Elevator Music In The WTC Plaza Played On Tune at 3:08 =shes always a woman to me Billy Joel
9/11 WTC North Tower collapse by Etienne Sauret. Visible shaking 12 seconds before collapse
Famous video by Etienne Sauret. It clearly shows a strong earthquake (well over 5.5 on the Richter Scale - telling us than not less than 100 kiloton underground nuclear explosion must have...
WTC Collapse Clips -- Anonymous Release from 2008 (No Audio, Enhanced Quality)
Videographer: Unknown View Direction from WTC to Camera: Northwest Camera Location: 400 Chambers Street, Manhattan.