ZEFR: The Startup That Identifies and Monetizes Video Content Online
Los Angeles-based startup ZEFR has made a name for itself by working with content creators to make money off their videos on YouTube. Founded as ...
Zefr & Coca-Cola: A New Approach To Reach Teens
As brands become prolific storytellers, branded content is better than it's ever been. The question becomes -- with all that great content, how do you make sure ...
A Day at ZEFR | NMR Original
We visit the headquarters of ZEFR. Working with partners like MGM, Universal and Lions Gate, ZEFR is one of the biggest digital networks around.
Introducing ZEFR BrandID
ZEFR co-founders Zach James and Rich Raddon discuss the scope of the YouTube universe and why savvy Brands are paying attention. Every 60 seconds, 72 ...
Rich Raddon (ZEFR) at Startup Grind 2013
Richard is Co-Founder of ZEFR, parent company of MOVIECLIPS. ZEFR is the solution for professional content on YouTube and a premium network that brings ...
The Speed of Storytelling - Presented by Zefr
Filmed at Digital Storytelling at The Sundance Film Festival 2016.
Harlem Shake (Midnight Madness Edition at Movieclips / ZEFR) Do The Harlem Shake
Everyone on the nightshift here at movieclips got into this internet dance meme by letting loose at midnight. Enjoy it FullScreen HD! Subscribe to TRAILERS: ...
ZEFR Entertainment: YouTube's Best Music, Movie, Sports, & Entertainment Content
ZEFR Entertainment is the best movie, music, sports and entertainment content on YouTube.
ZEFR Volunteering at City Harvest Stapleton Market, Staten Island, NY - August 1, 2017
ZEFR Volunteering at City Harvest Stapleton Market, Staten Island, NY - August 1, 2017.
Subscribe to ZEFR Universe: http://tinyurl.com/otgqv8a ABOUT ZEFR U: ZEFR consistently hires some of the most creative young people in the greater Los ...