Depositfiles.Com gives out virus

I recently visited Depositfiles.Com while trying to download a file. I was very disappointed when my antivirus gave me a warning that this site has virus. By looking at their website, you will realize that they have excessive MediaClick (FastClick) pop-ups and those pop-ups will definitely contain virus. Make sure you have an updated version of Antivirus before you visit Deposit Files

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123greetings gives out Virus

I recently received an email from 123greetings.Com Web Admin Team asking me to include a link to their site in my blog. So i tried to visit their website and as soon as I opened it, it had so many pop-ups, which got my computer infected with virus. I emailed back to the same address where I received the request from, but I never received a reply. I wonder WHY??

I was very disappointed with this “top greetings site” and I would never ever use their service to send greeting cards. It is their responsibility to protect their visitors computer from getting infected rather than doing the opposite and infect the computers of innocent people by having advertisements which are not user friendly.

Well, I learned my lesson, Don’t Use 123Greetings.Com because there is a chance that they will have sneaky pop-up messages which will get your computer infected. I wonder how many other people also got infected by their excessive CPX advertising? (Realizing they are ranking on the first page for greetings card term and many others).

I would never want to visit that site again..I hope you do the same.. 123 Greetings gets a bad rating from me because I really had a bad experience with this greetings cards website.

Here is a review from a random person I found :
“I received an ecard from my friend, i visited the link and my Norton Antivirus gave me a message that this site contains virus and I immediately stopped browsing”

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