Facebook: Year 2009 in Review


Facebook (FB) is still the number one social networking site, and now that year 2009 is about to say Good-Bye, Facebook still stands tall and we don’t know what will happen in 2010, and it may possibly take over Google, the top internet company in the world, but I doubt it.

Facebook changed its design in 2008, and it did it again in 2009. Many people were upset about it and some even tried to deactivate their Facebook accounts, but they couldn’t do it for very long.

Facebook also changed the design for groups and fan pages, and they look very similar. Now, there is a live time feed update option as well & by clicking View News Feed, you can get the latest information first.

Facebook also started verifying fan pages, and most people who had pointless pages or groups like “I really want to talk to you, but there is nothing to talk about” lost access to the posting rights. Even I lost my Facebook Fan Page Ownership and posting rights.

The very last thing that upset many people was new privacy settings. Now, you can’t hide your Facebook friends from your own friends, which means they can see how many friends you have. With these settings, you can see people’s profile pictures and some don’t even know how to hide their profile pictures album. This is one of the things I don’t like about the new privacy settings. This makes Facebook not so private.

Facebook now also supports the ability to tag your friends in status, and with @ symbol and you can tag your friends, like Twitter. Although Twitter had this option first, so some many say that Facebook copied the @ idea from Twitter.

Now, Facebook groups and Fan Pages admins are starting to lose access to their groups and pages if they have inappropriate groups like “Get the dislike button” and it seems like FB is taking action and I see many groups with No admin, yet groups/fan pages are still there and getting over 100 fans per second. The only reason FB didn’t delete their fan pages/groups because they want people to stay at their site and not feel bored but not give the page/group creator access, but is it right Facebook?

According to a source, FML was the top status in 2009 as well as Facebook applications.

Some of the top trends were Facebook tag pictures.

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