Mountains Of Makkah

Mountains of Makkah by Zain Bhikha
Zain wrote this song when he was making the Hajj pilgrimage.
Mountains of Makkah (sing along)
wordy vid! lol.
Zain Bhikha - Mountains of Makkah (Lyrics)
NOTE: I do not own this Nasheed. All copyright belongs to the artists themselves. Zain Bhikha - Mountains of Makkah (Lyrics) Oh ...
Mountains Of Makkah (With Lyrics) - By Zain Bhikha
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[HQ] Mountains of Makkah- Zain Bhikha [No music]
This is the best video made for the nasheed of Zain Bhikha titled "Mountains of Makkah". A lot of hard work has gone into it. All creadit goes to Rakiz1.
Zain Bhikha - Mountains of Makkah [Lyrics]
Lyrics to Mountains of Makkah: Oh Mountains of Makkah, what can you say Of the day that Ibrahim passed your way? And He was instructed by God to build A ...
The Story Behind The Song: Mountains of Makkah
As the days of Hajj are upon us once again, I loved having this opportunity to recall some of my own Hajj experiences. In this video, I share some of my stories as ...
Zain Bhikha Mountains Of Makkah Lyrics Without Music
Mountains of Makkah - by Q&M
Mountains of Makkah, by Zain Bhika - acted and animated by Q&M.
Mountain Of Makkah without music
This is a nice Islamic song by Zain Bhikha. Special edition without music. We are not using it for commercial purpose.