Freida Pinto in Bond 23

Freida Pinto
The Slumdog Millionaire star, who gained the limelight in the Hollywood for her super performance in the Oscar winning movie as Latika, was approached by the director Sam Mendes. Pinto was hesitant to accept the role.

According to reports, the actress has entered into a multi million-pound contract for the James Bond Movie. The new movie which will see James Bond in action in Afghanistan, promises some real work for Pinto.
She would play the role of the bond lady and the love interest of the famous 007 agent. With this role, Freida Pinto will be joining the long list of bond girls who have acted sometimes as just a love interest and at others, as a real brain behind the Bond drama.

Sam Mendes has ambitious plans for the James Bond movie and he hopes to provide a fresh breeze to the Bond movie genre.
The script’s has been written by Peter Morgan and thinks that the film will be visually stunning. The movie will have Daniel Craig reprise the role of James Bond. Bond 23 is supposed to come out on 18 November 2011.

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