Twitter Turns Four Years Old


On Sunday March 21st Twitter turns four years old. Last month Twitter hit 50 million Tweets per day. Even though, it may seem like that Twitter is not very old, in fact, it recently got famous, and when it was launched, not many people knew what it was. To combat with spam, Twitter added the nofollow tags to the urls, and up to now its working.

Twitter got its popularity because of the originality and the celebs promotion. Now a days, we see many celebs on twitter, and you know you want to follow all of them to catch up with them.

Twitter is ranked 12 all around the world, but it’s getting more and more users everyday, and it is expected that this ranked can go down to Top 5 websites in the world. For Twitter, there is a competition, Facebook, but it would never be able to kick Twitter out of the business.

So Happy Birthday Twitter, and you can also follow us at @kamranweb

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