Depositfiles.Com gives out virus

I recently visited Depositfiles.Com while trying to download a file. I was very disappointed when my antivirus gave me a warning that this site has virus. By looking at their website, you will realize that they have excessive MediaClick (FastClick) pop-ups and those pop-ups will definitely contain virus. Make sure you have an updated version of Antivirus before you visit Deposit Files

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One thought on “Depositfiles.Com gives out virus

  1. what the writer is saying is…..

    If you go to to download a file….

    After the Count down, you get a system pop asking you to download the file, That bit it O.K….. but at the say time you get 3-4 other webpage pop ups,

    one (or more) of the pop up sites are virus / malware, the virus or malware is launched thru the PHP code on the site, my AV blocked this attack, So be safe when going to !!!

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