Iphone Virus Ikee

Iphone IkeeThe world’s very first iPhone virus has been made and if you device is jailbroken, then your iphone can be infected with this iPhone Virus, Ikee. The virus was created by Ashley Towns, an Australian web designer, who wrote on his twitter profile that he created it to raise awareness of security holes in iPhones. Those people who still have a locked Iphone are safe and cannot get their iphone infected. Towns also said that he created this virus of curiosity and boredom.

The virus changes iphone’s wallpaper to a picture of a singer, Rick Astley, and with the words Ikee is never gonna give you up. The song was a big hit by this singer.

How can Ikee Virus effect you?

  • Victim must take steps to repair the damage
  • restore their phone
  • Pay a large Data Bill

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