Shahid Kapoor taking time off

Shahid Kapoor
Shahid Kapoor is taking a couple of month’s break and is spending the time wisely to reflect on the ups and downs of last year.
Now that I am relatively free, I am enjoying every moment of my break. It is a period of unemployment for Shahid Kapoor and he won’t say that it’s a good thing for any actor, a momentary break is anytime welcome.

At least this way, he can use this break to reflect on the work he has done and analyze himself.

Shahid’s next release is Paathshaala in which he appears for about one third of the movie. He plays a teacher in the film that also stars Ayesha Takia.

But for the moment, Shahid is focussed on his next assignment – the making of Mausam, which he promises will be something special. He said that it’s the kind of film which an actor should be doing in a single stretch without working on anything else. The script is such that as an actor, I have to dedicate all my time and presence to it.

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