Iphone Virus Ikee

Iphone IkeeThe world’s very first iPhone virus has been made and if you device is jailbroken, then your iphone can be infected with this iPhone Virus, Ikee. The virus was created by Ashley Towns, an Australian web designer, who wrote on his twitter profile that he created it to raise awareness of security holes in iPhones. Those people who still have a locked Iphone are safe and cannot get their iphone infected. Towns also said that he created this virus of curiosity and boredom.

Google’s Logo Sesame Street’s Character

Sesame Street's Earnie Bert and ElmoSesame Street is still the show that is there after 40 years. Google has seem to be celebrating with them. Everyday Google has a new logo with sesame street character and linked to sesame street keyword. Over the few past days, Google has sent SesameStreet.Org send lots of free traffic and there servers are surely running out of bandwidth. My favorite logo was Elmo from Sesame Street.

FishVille Ad Violation, Zynga’s game Goes offline

Facebook took the newest game by Zynga offline, when they found the violation of their Ad policy in the game. Now, they are trying to talk things over with Facebook and do their best to make the game back online.

Their ads clearly violate Facebook’s Policy, and Zynga seems like does not care about it’s visitors. If this is the attitude, no doubt there will be more than 1 groups that say Don’t send me Farmville requests. Many users have blocked farmville as they dont want to be farmers, and really don’t want to waste their time to on online flash game.

Geocities finally shut down by Yahoo!

Geocities Closes 2009

On October 27,2009 , none of the Geocities.Com websites were accessible by anyone. Users were given the following message

Sorry, the GeoCities web site you were trying to reach is no longer available.
GeoCities has closed, but there’s a lot more to explore on Yahoo!

Yahoo already notified it’s users that they will be closing the service in Late October, and they did. It seems like all DMOZ and Yahoo Directory listings for Geocities will have to be removed. Geocities is ranked top 200 websites as of today by Alexa, but they will go down even more since not many people will visit Geocities as it’s dead.

Google Having Temporary Problems

Google Having Temporary Problems

Right now, Whatever you search on Google, it will show this message.

This site may harm your computer.

It’s showing that to all websites, even to Google.Com Urls.

Google Errors - This site may harm your computer

Even the world’s largest search engines sometimes have temporary problems.

Let’s it will be fixed.

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